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Before you think, "Man, there goes Calzephyr talking about bird poo on the Internet AGAIN", let me say - pet allergies!

How would you know if your pet had an allergy?

Would the signs be obvious?

How would you treat it?

Now, here is the bird poo part. When my budgie first had his poopy bum problem, I was trying to introduce Zupreem pellets to them along with Budgie Gourmet (Hagen). They were on their last bag of seed that they came with, Hagen Premium. All good quality bird food.

The bird lady thought his poopy bum was a sign of infection - and yes, it can be! But now I think he was having an allergic reaction to either corn, soy or orange oil in those two brands. Zupreem is also made from soy and corn. Budgie Gourment and Zupreem also have food colouring.

I stopped feeding Zupreem while after the mobile vet visit and when my budgie was in the hospital cage, I fed plain seed because I thought that would be easier on him.

Last week when the bird lady was here, she noticed that he had a poopy bum again (and I had noticed his droppings weren't great). I was so upset - not again!

But here's the thing - I realized that if my budgie was allergic to Baytril, he could be allergic to other things. Plus the other budgies all had perfect poop. I dumped all their food cups, washed them thoroughly and have been feeding the plain seed for the past few days. His poop has turned around 100%.

This second time around, it also LOOKED like he was having allergies. He was constantly rubbing his head, scratching a lot despite not molting and working his beak. I can't remember if he was doing this in August because I was so preoccupied with some family matters.

Whew! So I could have saved my budgie and myself a lot of suffering and a huge chunk of change for a $4 bag of birdseed :/ CRAZY.

My Stabby New Friend

Oct. 17th, 2017 09:14 pm
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I bought myself an Ultra Punch Needle for my birthday and even then I only bought it because my husband was dragging me along everywhere last weekend to find a very specific kitchen timer. I ended up ordering it on Amazon when the spectre of Wal-Mart was raised.

"Nooooo, my time is worth more than going to the Marlborough Wal-Mart!" I declared and whipped out my phone. The timer didn't cost enough to earn free shipping, so I tacked the punch needle on to it. I'm not even sure where I got the idea for such a thing - probably Pinterest!

Now, I don't need another hobby or craft. I have plenty! But I was curious as to how it worked and if it was a dud, I would just find a new home for it. It's just a plastic tube with a spring and a needle, kind of like a clicky pen.

I found some old evenweave fabric and an embroidery hoop (I need to get a smaller one) and practiced the mantra that the instruction manual preached - punch, lift, slide. If this sounds suspiciously is. It did take me a few tries to get the hang of it though. I had better results when I went slow because I kept turning the needle the wrong way. Holding it incorrectly affects the way stitches are made and I found it took a bit of concentration for me. Maybe this weekend I can trace out a pattern and actually make something worth showing off!
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