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thagirion ([personal profile] thagirion) wrote2011-07-31 01:34 pm
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Quick post

Never thought I'd be back here. I'm just checking in since LJ went down again for the same reason as last time. They are still better than this place but they aren't fixed. I've thought of making posts here then transfering them back there but luckily LJ was up long enough for me to make a post.

I still hate that you can't use tables on the profile here. And now there are no posts on my friends page. It's giving a stupid message it only shows recent posts from the last 14 days. Others on my list HAVE posted here within 14 days and even if they HADN'T they should still show the very last posts. AGain LJ is superior than this dump. I hope LJ never goes down because there's no place better.

ARG and I have ugly bunny emotiocons.
Oh and they're too high and mighty to take paypal. So even if this place was good I couldn't use a conventient thing like that to buy a paid account. They're not getting my money anyway until they get their act better together. Oh and add the Flexible Squares layout while we're at it because the layouts pretty much suck. You're not a very good mirror site Dreamwidth.
EDIT: Oh and since this account went free can I at least decide which icons get to be active? It says I still have 97 but I didn't get to chose which 15 or whatever I can use on a free account. Luckily I still have my angry Jafar to post at you.

[personal profile] silvolf 2011-08-01 08:23 am (UTC)(link)
All those points are annoying. I just use my account here as a secondary thing to post in if LJ is down. No one reads it here anyway lol!