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2013-01-02 01:33 pm
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First real post here

Well this is my first real post here. Despite them saying that it was mostly back LJ is not. I can not get in. I have emailed the most important people on my friends list and told them about this place. I hope they will join and I will get some comments. Like I said it is good to have for when LJ goes down. And now I think I can see myself eventually moving here if worst comes to worst, despite the flaws this place has.

So I've been working on my journal's layout all day. I like this Transmografier way better than the Lemonade one. It's almost like Flexible Squares. I just need to fix the color of the alternate box which is purple and black. I may make it some other color or keep it all the same. I just don't know what other color to change it to that would be nice. It's neat that the comments alternate too. Pink and blue is one of my favorite combinations. I can see the headers being pink, but not sure what color to make the background and font. I like this font size too. It's big but not huge.

[personal profile] xyndarella got me an awesome paypal gift for Christmas. It was one of the things on my wish list. I'm very happy and grateful about it. I don't know yet what I want to spend it on. I must choose carefully. It's not that I don't know what to get it's that there are too many things I want and I must choose wisely. Most likely it will be nepenthes related. I may wait until spring to finally place that big over seas order I've always wanted to do, or spend it on local US shops that I like. Or I could get some books/DVDs I've been wanting. Or some Sim points to get stuff from the store. I need to think about it.

So there's been some interesting bird activity lately.

This is a big red shouldered hawk that landed on our fence one morning. I'm pretty sure it's a female because she was so big. The wind was blowing and spreading her tummy feathers around.

Red Shouldered and Eastern Phoebe pics )

So it's been a neat time for birds. I need to take pics of the new nepenthes Chris got me. And I need to make a Sims post after this. I made some new characters and have finally finished editing the town. I removed all the original families and added all my own characters and almost ran out of houses, even the empty ones. This will be a great game. I have placed my guys into the huge mansion. I'm calling this game The Five Bad Boys & Cope. They are in the town Moonlight Falls.

Oh yeah, I changed the moods to these pink bats. They are better than the bunnies but not much. LJ is better in that even free accounts can customize mood themes.

EDIT: Why did my pics come out HUGE? I resized them in photobucket. Now I have to add width codes. This was never a problem on LJ.