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2013-01-02 09:03 am
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I'm here again because LJ is down

Ok, so I can't believe I'm back here after a year. So LJ got hacked. If you couldn't see my LiveJournal you could probably see that I copied their announcement to my blogger. It did all start with profiles disappearing and I noticed that. Another thing I find interesting is they don't allow comments on that page. They haven't made a news update in forever and the last one they made was very unprofessional saying it was accidentally locked and then they unlocked it with no comments allowed. They didn't want anyone to see the update and they are sick of the complaints. They don't listen and now they don't want to hear it. So no more updates and no more comments from users because they're mean Russians that don't care about other countries and will do whatever they want with their site even if it means sinking their own ship.

Now Dreamwidth. I guess it is second best. I don't like some issues like no tables on profiles so I can organize and make the profile nice. I hate the red links. It looks terrible on my profile page, their main page and here in the type box. The Friends page only displays entries from the past two weeks. LJ has this problem too. I want to see all entries forever. If they get old I don't want to go to the individual journal and hunt them down. They should stay in the Friends page forever and have numbers at the bottom for you to page through. There are two types of paid accounts. They should only have one. If your paid account expires and you have lots of icons you get screwed on with 15 will be allowed and you'll have to delete everything else. I'm still working on that. I've got Owen Sim as my default for now and need to go through and pick 15 icons that represent the most important emotions.

The good points are DW is very similar to LJ because it uses the LJ coding. Making posts is easy. Making layout changes is even easier. What do you guys think of my colors? There is a layout called Lemon that is the closest to Flexible Squares. That's what this is. I recommend getting it. I almost have the colors right here. I think I need to make the entry tables darker though. If I can get into LJ I'll just have to get the colors from that. I saw a section for adding a background image and a header image so that would make me happy. And you can even add an entry background. So you could have three different backgrounds, but I think an entry background unless it's a gradient that doesn't conflict with your text won't work. Because it would mess up the text viewing. I wish the blue border on my entries didn't extend all the way to the right and have floating tables like Flexible Squares was. Other than that I think this is a winner. I like that my default icon shows in my sidebar. They call sidebars Modules here. So I need to work on images and entry table colors next. I wish the profile info was in the header and the big header text was centered.
Here's where to choose your style

And here is where you edit your colors.

So Lemon is the one I am using now. Black Forest Cake looks like it could be better than this even. I just don't like the boxes around the sidebar modules. I'd hate to redo the colors but I may experiment with that. I wonder if there's a way to save layouts to switch back and forth and not lose all that hard work.

So that's all for now. I need to go feed birds then I will make a real post here. I did see some of your journals for a few seconds and want to reply to you guys.
Hum, posting now I wish this thing auto filed my tags.
Also is the font size ok? It's bigger than what I have on LJ. Kind of bothers me but not too much bigger. I know some of you have a hard time reading smaller fonts. I have it set at 14px. 13 might be better. 12 is what I use on LJ. Oh yes I must change the horrid bunny moods.

EDIT: Almost got my journal the way I want. I changed layouts. That one I had wasn't called Lemon but Lemonade. It was nice but not right. This one is way better. It's called Transmogrified and now it allows your default image in the sidebar. I like that the navigation is at the top. It's nice it has option for alternating colors on entries. But I think for now I'll keep my entries all the same. Still need to fix the ones that are purple and black. It's jarring against the blues. So I recommend this one too since it's more similar to Flexible Squares. Now, where do I change my moodtheme?