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2013-01-02 01:33 pm
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First real post here

Well this is my first real post here. Despite them saying that it was mostly back LJ is not. I can not get in. I have emailed the most important people on my friends list and told them about this place. I hope they will join and I will get some comments. Like I said it is good to have for when LJ goes down. And now I think I can see myself eventually moving here if worst comes to worst, despite the flaws this place has.

So I've been working on my journal's layout all day. I like this Transmografier way better than the Lemonade one. It's almost like Flexible Squares. I just need to fix the color of the alternate box which is purple and black. I may make it some other color or keep it all the same. I just don't know what other color to change it to that would be nice. It's neat that the comments alternate too. Pink and blue is one of my favorite combinations. I can see the headers being pink, but not sure what color to make the background and font. I like this font size too. It's big but not huge.

[personal profile] xyndarella got me an awesome paypal gift for Christmas. It was one of the things on my wish list. I'm very happy and grateful about it. I don't know yet what I want to spend it on. I must choose carefully. It's not that I don't know what to get it's that there are too many things I want and I must choose wisely. Most likely it will be nepenthes related. I may wait until spring to finally place that big over seas order I've always wanted to do, or spend it on local US shops that I like. Or I could get some books/DVDs I've been wanting. Or some Sim points to get stuff from the store. I need to think about it.

So there's been some interesting bird activity lately.

This is a big red shouldered hawk that landed on our fence one morning. I'm pretty sure it's a female because she was so big. The wind was blowing and spreading her tummy feathers around.

Red Shouldered and Eastern Phoebe pics )

So it's been a neat time for birds. I need to take pics of the new nepenthes Chris got me. And I need to make a Sims post after this. I made some new characters and have finally finished editing the town. I removed all the original families and added all my own characters and almost ran out of houses, even the empty ones. This will be a great game. I have placed my guys into the huge mansion. I'm calling this game The Five Bad Boys & Cope. They are in the town Moonlight Falls.

Oh yeah, I changed the moods to these pink bats. They are better than the bunnies but not much. LJ is better in that even free accounts can customize mood themes.

EDIT: Why did my pics come out HUGE? I resized them in photobucket. Now I have to add width codes. This was never a problem on LJ.
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2013-01-02 09:03 am
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I'm here again because LJ is down

Ok, so I can't believe I'm back here after a year. So LJ got hacked. If you couldn't see my LiveJournal you could probably see that I copied their announcement to my blogger. It did all start with profiles disappearing and I noticed that. Another thing I find interesting is they don't allow comments on that page. They haven't made a news update in forever and the last one they made was very unprofessional saying it was accidentally locked and then they unlocked it with no comments allowed. They didn't want anyone to see the update and they are sick of the complaints. They don't listen and now they don't want to hear it. So no more updates and no more comments from users because they're mean Russians that don't care about other countries and will do whatever they want with their site even if it means sinking their own ship.

Now Dreamwidth. I guess it is second best. I don't like some issues like no tables on profiles so I can organize and make the profile nice. I hate the red links. It looks terrible on my profile page, their main page and here in the type box. The Friends page only displays entries from the past two weeks. LJ has this problem too. I want to see all entries forever. If they get old I don't want to go to the individual journal and hunt them down. They should stay in the Friends page forever and have numbers at the bottom for you to page through. There are two types of paid accounts. They should only have one. If your paid account expires and you have lots of icons you get screwed on with 15 will be allowed and you'll have to delete everything else. I'm still working on that. I've got Owen Sim as my default for now and need to go through and pick 15 icons that represent the most important emotions.

The good points are DW is very similar to LJ because it uses the LJ coding. Making posts is easy. Making layout changes is even easier. What do you guys think of my colors? There is a layout called Lemon that is the closest to Flexible Squares. That's what this is. I recommend getting it. I almost have the colors right here. I think I need to make the entry tables darker though. If I can get into LJ I'll just have to get the colors from that. I saw a section for adding a background image and a header image so that would make me happy. And you can even add an entry background. So you could have three different backgrounds, but I think an entry background unless it's a gradient that doesn't conflict with your text won't work. Because it would mess up the text viewing. I wish the blue border on my entries didn't extend all the way to the right and have floating tables like Flexible Squares was. Other than that I think this is a winner. I like that my default icon shows in my sidebar. They call sidebars Modules here. So I need to work on images and entry table colors next. I wish the profile info was in the header and the big header text was centered.
Here's where to choose your style

And here is where you edit your colors.

So Lemon is the one I am using now. Black Forest Cake looks like it could be better than this even. I just don't like the boxes around the sidebar modules. I'd hate to redo the colors but I may experiment with that. I wonder if there's a way to save layouts to switch back and forth and not lose all that hard work.

So that's all for now. I need to go feed birds then I will make a real post here. I did see some of your journals for a few seconds and want to reply to you guys.
Hum, posting now I wish this thing auto filed my tags.
Also is the font size ok? It's bigger than what I have on LJ. Kind of bothers me but not too much bigger. I know some of you have a hard time reading smaller fonts. I have it set at 14px. 13 might be better. 12 is what I use on LJ. Oh yes I must change the horrid bunny moods.

EDIT: Almost got my journal the way I want. I changed layouts. That one I had wasn't called Lemon but Lemonade. It was nice but not right. This one is way better. It's called Transmogrified and now it allows your default image in the sidebar. I like that the navigation is at the top. It's nice it has option for alternating colors on entries. But I think for now I'll keep my entries all the same. Still need to fix the ones that are purple and black. It's jarring against the blues. So I recommend this one too since it's more similar to Flexible Squares. Now, where do I change my moodtheme?
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2011-07-31 01:34 pm
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Quick post

Never thought I'd be back here. I'm just checking in since LJ went down again for the same reason as last time. They are still better than this place but they aren't fixed. I've thought of making posts here then transfering them back there but luckily LJ was up long enough for me to make a post.

I still hate that you can't use tables on the profile here. And now there are no posts on my friends page. It's giving a stupid message it only shows recent posts from the last 14 days. Others on my list HAVE posted here within 14 days and even if they HADN'T they should still show the very last posts. AGain LJ is superior than this dump. I hope LJ never goes down because there's no place better.

ARG and I have ugly bunny emotiocons.
Oh and they're too high and mighty to take paypal. So even if this place was good I couldn't use a conventient thing like that to buy a paid account. They're not getting my money anyway until they get their act better together. Oh and add the Flexible Squares layout while we're at it because the layouts pretty much suck. You're not a very good mirror site Dreamwidth.
EDIT: Oh and since this account went free can I at least decide which icons get to be active? It says I still have 97 but I didn't get to chose which 15 or whatever I can use on a free account. Luckily I still have my angry Jafar to post at you.
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2010-09-22 06:03 pm

Mood theme

I got an email reminding me my account will expire in two weeks. So I figured I shouldn't put the effort into making the mood theme after all. I just switched it to the bunnies one as it's better than the cutesy skulls. Skulls aren't supposed to be cute. That's about it really. It's too bad some of my friends are upset about LJ. I'm still just not ready to jump ship.
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2010-09-14 06:01 pm


There. I uploaded 97 of my 100 images. I'll keep the last three options open for who knows what. Not bad. I have 173 on LJ and I need to get rid of some of the ones I just don't use. But these last few were a pain since I don't know why they were in my LJ icons folder I have on my computer. I had to resave them from LJ and some were BMP's I had to rename to JPG. They still wouldn't work and I kept getting errors and losing the multiple images I had uploaded since you can upload more than one icon here. I finally found out which ones were the currupt ones and screen capped them and resaved them in photoshop. Gosh, more trouble than it was worth but now it's done. I'm not sure if I want to keep working on uploading the moods. I have an awesome hummingbird theme I use on my pigeon journal. Don't know yet. What sucks is this will all be lost once I revert to a free account.

EDIT: Yes I will mess with the mood theme since these skulls suck.
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2010-09-09 01:32 pm

Not impressed like all the others

Well, I went and made a simple suggestion on the news community about letting us post tables in our profile. I got a line of bull that it's not allowed because it hinders accessibility. WTF? I asked what they Hell that actually meant. What I gathered was that they want people to be able to view things in their custom style and not let you force a font or table on them or make things "easier" to read for people with vision problems. That makes even less sense and it's just a load of garbage. Yes there are people that can't color coordinate and do stupid things like put purple text on a bright red background. I don't bother to read stuff like that, but if they want to do that that's their right. Tables are nothing but simple html that even an ancient computer from around 1997 can easily run. It takes up miniscule bandwidth the way text does so it's NOT an accessiblity issue. If they're catering to the blind people then they won't see it anyway and shouldn't even be on a computer. They need to get a talking computer or have a friend read to them what's on the screen simple as that. No need to take away a simple basic feature like that.

I told the guy that I thought it was stupid and that I should have a right to customize my profile my way. If I want to use a different style of font or make things in tables I should have the right to. I'm amazed at all the butt kissing going around here just because LJ added a stupid feature that isn't that big of a deal. "Oh Dreamwidth listens to their customers". Sure except for Des when she makes a simple logical suggestion. I should be used to that by now since I have tons of common sense ideas to make all kinds of places better but no one listens to me. This is why I prefer to take over my own place and run it as the boss/tyrant. LJ is the opposite extreme. People are making mountains out of mole hills when all they need to do is find fewer friends that are trustworthy and put in that line of code that gets rid of the boxes. Problem solved.

Yes there are some nice features, but I'm still loyal to LJ. I no longer feel the drive to keep sprucing this place up. I may add the rest of my icons and my mood theme but I'm not going to bother with the rest. I'm certainly not paying for this site. I recommend those of you that I brought over to do the same. I'm glad I waited. I probably won't import my LJ. I'll find another way to back it up somewhere. Probably page by page on a CD. I also removed the News community that was forced on me from the start. They don't listen to me, why should I listen to them.

I'm weaning myself off of this place and will make fewer and fewer entries until I forget about it.
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2010-09-08 06:38 pm

Status Report

I've uploaded 50 of my 100 user icons. Woo hoo. I think I'm going to have to scrifice some of my favorites though which sucks. Not too many though. I think perhaps round six. I'm finding it amusing how many people are jumping ship from Livejournal and coming over here. I must say I am pretty impressed with this place so far.

I found a code to make the Flexible Squares layout. I installed it and then made a layer, but it only works for basic colors. When I put in the css I have on my LJ for my header, tinyicons and sidebar it didn't like it. Even if it had, I can't find a button to use it. I can only edit the layer. So I may join that community I stumbled across for styles. The layout I have right now is pretty good and close to what I had on LJ. I didn't like my links like my profile and friends being in the sidebar but I've almost gotten used to it now.

So I've been uploading 20 icons a day. I might do a few more tonight and once all 100 are up I'll then get back to work to Manually uploading my mood theme. That I soooo hate to do. That is all.

EDIT: Oh and I already got an invite code. Sweet. I don't have anyone I want to invite so I'll just sit on it until I need it.
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2010-09-06 09:15 am

Still customizing

I've nearly got this place looking the way I want. I have all my colors which I'm very pleased with. I placed the header image into the box but didn't use the custom layout because I don't know anything about it here for this layout. I think mine is called Drifting. I wish they had a community like they do for Flexible Squares on LJ so I can be told what CSS I need to add to my layer. So the title of my journal is on top of my header image which I dont' like at all. I want my header totally ontop of that box like on my LJ. I also don't like adding the html to that box for my sidebar. I've go nearly all the elements I want for my sidebar but they're all in one box. I made it look like separate boxes because I put the Horizontal Rule code to separate them and cheat.

I like that you can transfer everything over from live journal as well. Well I tried to transfer all my icons but wasn't able to. I didn't realize I have so many. I have 173 and I can only hold 100 here. So it didn't work. I'm going to just have to pick 100 and manually put them in here. Oy. This also made me realize I need to delete some on LJ that I just never use. Like my creepy Jafar image. I LOVE it, but I seldom use it. Also the one of him pointing. I like that one but without text it's ambiguous and I rarely use it.

Didn't have much luck with the mood theme either and that really bugged me. I tried to use the text template that I know works on LJ. The most annoying thing is that my mood icon are all differnet sizes so I couldn't just do a simple "replace all". Now I know to make all my icons the same. So I still had to type those in manually. After putting it in the admin console it told me it didn't like any of the urls. WTF?!! Oh all that wasted time. Grrr. So I have to put those all on manually as well. I have six user icons so far and about the same mood icons. Both of these will take me a long time to finish. May-be I can import the hummingbird ones until then. These skulls are the best but I don't like that they are cute.

Lastly you can supposedly import the whole journal, locked posts, comments and all. I'm seriously thinking of doing that just because I like having back ups of everything and I really need to have a back up of my LJ. I've been worried about that for a while now but had no idea where to do it. I'd already considered moving it manually but if this import work the way it's supposed to then that would be great and same me a lot of trouble. But before I do that I REALLY need to finish back tagging my journal. I still ahve to do half of 2006, 2005 and check the work that was done by my friend on the three months of 2004. Lots of work to do. Annoying but it will be worth it once it's done. No tags here yet since this is all still set up.

EDIT:Oh, forgot to say that I went ahead and made [community profile] cucurbitaceae here as well. I'm not going to promote it since my LJ one is doing well but I wanted to have it just in case and if anyone stumbles on it then good. Found out something else. Tables with colored backgrounds dont' work on the profiles here. I couldn't get the nice profile from LJ to work on that. Also I couldn't get my small font to work on my profile here. More minor annoyances.
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2010-09-05 11:20 am

OMG! Thank you!

Haha. I was just messing around with the colors and stuff when I went into my profile and saw I had used up 1 of 100 slots for my icons. What the? I looked at the profile and saw I'm now a paid account. Checked my email and saw that [personal profile] xyndarella bought me some paid time. Thank you so much! Now I can transfer my mood theme and a bunch of other stuff and well pretty much all my icons. This is so neat!
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2010-09-05 08:48 am

This is fun

Ok, this is my official first post. Came over here from LiveJournal. Was invited by Kaetarin. I need to memorize how to make that a link. It's similar to the LJ code but I forgot it. Must read FAQ again. Still can't decide between the layouts for Transmogrified and Drifiting. Both are similar to Flexible Squares. I'll keep messing with that. I do like it here but don't know how often I'll post since I got this as a back up in case LJ blows up or something. The default mood icons suck.