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thagirion ([personal profile] thagirion) wrote2010-09-05 08:48 am

This is fun

Ok, this is my official first post. Came over here from LiveJournal. Was invited by Kaetarin. I need to memorize how to make that a link. It's similar to the LJ code but I forgot it. Must read FAQ again. Still can't decide between the layouts for Transmogrified and Drifiting. Both are similar to Flexible Squares. I'll keep messing with that. I do like it here but don't know how often I'll post since I got this as a back up in case LJ blows up or something. The default mood icons suck.
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[personal profile] xyndarella 2010-09-05 01:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Welcome! It's really nice to see you here and I do hope you find it to your liking, whether or not you choose to stay.

Links are kind of the same. (user name=name) in between html code brackets. You can also link to LJ names by (user name=kaetarin so it gives you the little LJ icons.

Yeah, there's not a lot of choice for mood themes sadly. I ended up using one from an LJ comm that I like and set it up here.

Oh! This is the DW version of the LJ tiny icon generator that I found a while back. It doesn't let you change all of the icons, only some, but I am actually waiting to hear back from DW Support on where to find info on all the possible image icons that I can change for customisation.
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