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Date: 2010-09-05 02:48 pm (UTC)
thagirion: (Default)
From: [personal profile] thagirion
I'll be messing with the colors and stuff today. I've always liked that type of thing even back when I managed message board. Let me try.
[personal profile] thagirion

Oh I remember that! I don't know if I can do all that stuff on a free account though. But I did find the layer page which I thought was odd and cool because on LJ you can't access it unless you're a paid account. But I'd love to get my budgie heads back in here and perhaps even finally have the pumpkins work for communities. I could never get a different icon to work for communities on LJ so they're all budgie heads which can be confusing.

Oh and I love you can edit even if you're a free account that's very good. Wanted to let you know that now your journal and others' are displaying right when I click comments.
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