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Well this is my first real post here. Despite them saying that it was mostly back LJ is not. I can not get in. I have emailed the most important people on my friends list and told them about this place. I hope they will join and I will get some comments. Like I said it is good to have for when LJ goes down. And now I think I can see myself eventually moving here if worst comes to worst, despite the flaws this place has.

So I've been working on my journal's layout all day. I like this Transmografier way better than the Lemonade one. It's almost like Flexible Squares. I just need to fix the color of the alternate box which is purple and black. I may make it some other color or keep it all the same. I just don't know what other color to change it to that would be nice. It's neat that the comments alternate too. Pink and blue is one of my favorite combinations. I can see the headers being pink, but not sure what color to make the background and font. I like this font size too. It's big but not huge.

[personal profile] xyndarella got me an awesome paypal gift for Christmas. It was one of the things on my wish list. I'm very happy and grateful about it. I don't know yet what I want to spend it on. I must choose carefully. It's not that I don't know what to get it's that there are too many things I want and I must choose wisely. Most likely it will be nepenthes related. I may wait until spring to finally place that big over seas order I've always wanted to do, or spend it on local US shops that I like. Or I could get some books/DVDs I've been wanting. Or some Sim points to get stuff from the store. I need to think about it.

So there's been some interesting bird activity lately.

This is a big red shouldered hawk that landed on our fence one morning. I'm pretty sure it's a female because she was so big. The wind was blowing and spreading her tummy feathers around.

Here she is from the side. This is after a crazy squirrel tried to tangle with her. She swung her beak at him but clearly wasn't interested in hunting. She could easily have taken him out. He ended up going down the fence instead of across it. I hate squirrels and wish the hawk had killed it.

Then she took off and I just managed to catch this.

This is the Easter Phoebe that got into our front patio at night. He was so high up I couldn't get him. I think he was attracted to the bugs around our light. So I turned off the light because diurnal birds can't see in the dark as well as mammals can. He landed on the floor not moving and I caught him easily. Because of this I feared releasing him at night. He'd be an easy meal for a predator. So I brought him inside.

Nice long bill for catching insects. He wasn't afraid at all and would flap hard. The neatest thing was his warning. He's snap his beak and it sounded like a stapler. I can see how that might intimidate a predator, but at first I didn't even know what it was. I thought his wings were doing it and thought that would be odd. Then I realized it was his bluff call. You don't scare me. I'm not letting go. Because they are insect eaters they can't bite hard.

So cute. I wanted to look at him all over and get to see all his details because when else can you get a chance like this? I liked feeling him too. He was very fat and healthy.

Foot hold. This is how I learned to hold wild birds when I did field studies with mist nets.

In this pic you can sort of see the whisker like hairs on his beak. These help direct flying insects into the open mouth. It's like a funnel.

Back view. A drab bird really but neat to hold. You can see the bristle feathers here too. I let him go the next day. No photos but we did get video of the release. I probably won't put it on youtube though. I haven't decided.

So it's been a neat time for birds. I need to take pics of the new nepenthes Chris got me. And I need to make a Sims post after this. I made some new characters and have finally finished editing the town. I removed all the original families and added all my own characters and almost ran out of houses, even the empty ones. This will be a great game. I have placed my guys into the huge mansion. I'm calling this game The Five Bad Boys & Cope. They are in the town Moonlight Falls.

Oh yeah, I changed the moods to these pink bats. They are better than the bunnies but not much. LJ is better in that even free accounts can customize mood themes.

EDIT: Why did my pics come out HUGE? I resized them in photobucket. Now I have to add width codes. This was never a problem on LJ.
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