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Date: 2010-09-10 03:23 am (UTC)
thagirion: (Thanatos on Keyboards looking mean)
From: [personal profile] thagirion
I actually came over here from that particular thread to see what you were like

I guess you didn't read my tableless, huge font profile then where I mention I do not want to hear opposite points since I stand firm to my convictions.

I understand how it appears that by "catering"

It doesn't "appear" it IS. They'll figure out the old adage in time that you can't please everyone.

For example, my eyesight's fine

And I have lousy vision when I'm not wearing contacts I have coke bottle yet I have no trouble at all.

For me, the same things that turn you off of Dreamwidth are the same things that attract me to it.

That's nice. Enjoy it. I can be found on LiveJournal. You won't see me here much.

And I understand your points.

If you really understood them you wouldn't be trying to counter them.

It's too bad that there isn't a way for you to have tables; the only thing I could think of is to see if there's any way to allow tables, but create a filter for those who can't read/view tables correctly. That way no one is inconvenienced. But it's probably not feasible with code.

Hehe, why the Hell would I do that? Until today I didn't even know about these people. I don't care about inconvenicing others. If I do then they shouldn't be around me in the first place. I don't make my sites for other people. I make them for me and that's the problem I have with this site. Actually I DO know of a way to get what I want. Thought of it this morning. Whether I actually do it or not is still the issue as this place is probably not worth the time and effort. But then I'd have my neatly organized profile. And no those reader would probably not be able to read it hehe.

Kaetarin is my good friend. She's the one that invited me here in the first place. But she's also my good friend on LJ so it's not like we'd be missing anything. No loss really. No need to waste the pitty. It's only a minor annoyance. Life goes on.
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