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thagirion ([personal profile] thagirion) wrote2010-09-08 06:38 pm

Status Report

I've uploaded 50 of my 100 user icons. Woo hoo. I think I'm going to have to scrifice some of my favorites though which sucks. Not too many though. I think perhaps round six. I'm finding it amusing how many people are jumping ship from Livejournal and coming over here. I must say I am pretty impressed with this place so far.

I found a code to make the Flexible Squares layout. I installed it and then made a layer, but it only works for basic colors. When I put in the css I have on my LJ for my header, tinyicons and sidebar it didn't like it. Even if it had, I can't find a button to use it. I can only edit the layer. So I may join that community I stumbled across for styles. The layout I have right now is pretty good and close to what I had on LJ. I didn't like my links like my profile and friends being in the sidebar but I've almost gotten used to it now.

So I've been uploading 20 icons a day. I might do a few more tonight and once all 100 are up I'll then get back to work to Manually uploading my mood theme. That I soooo hate to do. That is all.

EDIT: Oh and I already got an invite code. Sweet. I don't have anyone I want to invite so I'll just sit on it until I need it.
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[personal profile] cheezey 2010-09-09 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
It's definitely hard to pick and choose your favorite icons. I noticed my 15 slots seemed to be used up in a flash.

Did the invite code you got come on its own, or did you have to request it?