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I've nearly got this place looking the way I want. I have all my colors which I'm very pleased with. I placed the header image into the box but didn't use the custom layout because I don't know anything about it here for this layout. I think mine is called Drifting. I wish they had a community like they do for Flexible Squares on LJ so I can be told what CSS I need to add to my layer. So the title of my journal is on top of my header image which I dont' like at all. I want my header totally ontop of that box like on my LJ. I also don't like adding the html to that box for my sidebar. I've go nearly all the elements I want for my sidebar but they're all in one box. I made it look like separate boxes because I put the Horizontal Rule code to separate them and cheat.

I like that you can transfer everything over from live journal as well. Well I tried to transfer all my icons but wasn't able to. I didn't realize I have so many. I have 173 and I can only hold 100 here. So it didn't work. I'm going to just have to pick 100 and manually put them in here. Oy. This also made me realize I need to delete some on LJ that I just never use. Like my creepy Jafar image. I LOVE it, but I seldom use it. Also the one of him pointing. I like that one but without text it's ambiguous and I rarely use it.

Didn't have much luck with the mood theme either and that really bugged me. I tried to use the text template that I know works on LJ. The most annoying thing is that my mood icon are all differnet sizes so I couldn't just do a simple "replace all". Now I know to make all my icons the same. So I still had to type those in manually. After putting it in the admin console it told me it didn't like any of the urls. WTF?!! Oh all that wasted time. Grrr. So I have to put those all on manually as well. I have six user icons so far and about the same mood icons. Both of these will take me a long time to finish. May-be I can import the hummingbird ones until then. These skulls are the best but I don't like that they are cute.

Lastly you can supposedly import the whole journal, locked posts, comments and all. I'm seriously thinking of doing that just because I like having back ups of everything and I really need to have a back up of my LJ. I've been worried about that for a while now but had no idea where to do it. I'd already considered moving it manually but if this import work the way it's supposed to then that would be great and same me a lot of trouble. But before I do that I REALLY need to finish back tagging my journal. I still ahve to do half of 2006, 2005 and check the work that was done by my friend on the three months of 2004. Lots of work to do. Annoying but it will be worth it once it's done. No tags here yet since this is all still set up.

EDIT:Oh, forgot to say that I went ahead and made [community profile] cucurbitaceae here as well. I'm not going to promote it since my LJ one is doing well but I wanted to have it just in case and if anyone stumbles on it then good. Found out something else. Tables with colored backgrounds dont' work on the profiles here. I couldn't get the nice profile from LJ to work on that. Also I couldn't get my small font to work on my profile here. More minor annoyances.

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Date: 2010-09-07 02:03 pm (UTC)
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Oh, I know. I was just pointing out that I have no experience myself with importing. I did try to import my journal to one of my other accounts here just to see what it's like and I kept getting LJ encoding errors which kept making the import fail. I've no idea what causes it so you may or may not experience that too.

There should be another news post in the next couple of days. They used to be every Monday but now it's either Wednesday or Friday. The staff here are really open to suggestions and improvements.

Sorry about my initial comment. I didn't mean to come across the way I did, if I came across in a bad way. I think I did but it's difficult with text sometimes.

Oh! This was recently posted on a friend's comments and you may find it of interest. It's a starter's guide to Dreamwidth and lists a variety of communities and tutorials.
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