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Want to say thanks to Calzephyr. I finally got my Christmas gift. It's this awesome mug with three lovely budgies that says "Beware Crazy Budgie Lady".

And as the title of this post says I have finally finished my January journal. Want to show my fave page from it.

So at last I introduce you guys to RipTalon the Captain. He is a cyborg Velociraptor that hates his own kind for forcing him and all his people to become cyborgs once they come of age. RipTalon lost his whole body and mostly only his head is organic. But he continues to defy the government, builds a ship with stolen parts and escapes the planet vowing revenge. INTJ personality type. In the lower left we have the Doc. INTP who becomes close friends with RipTalon later on. You guys know George and Scary Fear already. ISFJ and INTP respectively.

So here is a video flip through of this month.

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I made LOTS of progress yesterday on my journal but I did not finish. I colored a drawing of Sorath in marker and though it looks nice I'm not doing that again. The reason is that my markers though they are supposed to be safe sometimes bleed through. I was constantly checking the next page and using a lot of effort to make sure my touch was super light. I have a light touch but you have to be extra light with marker and only pass over once. It was causing me too much stress and didn't turn out to be faster at all. So I'll keep them just for highlighting boxes and coloring banners in a solid color. I finished seven drawings and have seven to go, so in theory I could finish today. I will try but two of the ones I have are hard drawings. George as a hybrid and Gallemotch. So we'll see how much time they take up. I'm thrilled to have also finally colored RipTalon for the first time. I was worried about how I would color his metallic parts in pencil but it actually turned out great. He really does look metallic. I couldn't believe I did so amazing for my first time. So far he's my fave drawing of the month. I can't wait to make a nice full body drawing of him and color him. I should do that in my sketch book. Chris got it for me last year and I haven't even used it yet. Doc turned out pretty neat too. I love his pose. But I need to think of a name for him. He needs a name. It's fun calling him "Doc" but that's his title not his name.

Another thing I'm very happy about is I have been taking caffeine well lately. You guys know I couldn't have it as it would give me chest pains and breathing problems. I hated to give it up especially coke and coffee. I have just been drinking herbal teas which I like but not the same. My Bigelow tea boxes sometimes have a caffeine chart on the back that I really love. Here's one for example.

I kept mentioning to Chris I wish they showed where Cola falls into this as that was my fave and main drink.

Well I just found this chart.

This is an awesome chart and at last all my questions have been answered. I'm surprised that Coke is only halfway down the chart. I thought it would be under coffee. I'm surprised energy drinks like red bull are under coffee. I thought they'd be above. I learned a lot of things I didn't know. Wow. Nothing beats true coffee for mega caffeine content. I knew it had a lot but had no idea. I also thought Espresso was stronger than coffee. I am very surprised by this but good to know. If I can get a working printer I want to print this and put in my Bullet Journal or Travel Journal so I can have it with me on trips. I lump chocolate candy into the raw cocoa part of this. So I am very happy because over December I allowed myself to have some chocolate bars and hot chocolate drinks. I was afraid to eat them but enjoyed them very much. I had no ill effects and was very happy. Since then I have had some Decaf coffee (Which I was surprised was so far down the line) green tea. So far I am ok. I hope I can get back on caffeine. I would love a real coke. Don't know if I can do a real coffee though. Yet I wonder if this was tied to my issues with my gallbladder and appendix? I was having a lot of food issues before the surgery. I couldn't eat eggs and now I can again. It sucked my lovely chicken eggs were making me very sick. But I need to lay off caffeine for a bit or stick to the low ranking stuff before I try I coke. I'd love to say I'm cured. That would be so wonderful because it was one of my few food pleasures.

Chris and I have been dieting since the new year too and we're doing well. Though we're "skinny" by everyone's definition we hold ourselves to a high standard. At our age we really have to watch our weight. Gaining even a little is too much for us and we end up having lack or energy or back pains. I am doing well and down to the 104's right now. My goal is 100 which was my high school weight. I think I can do it. I've been eating nothing but fish and salad and sugar free cookies with my teas.
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Been a while since I posted. Been very busy mostly Bullet Journaling. I'm ALMOST done with January. I'm majorly behind as the second week is almost over. I finished all the inking last night finally. I will try to finish the coloring tonight. Though I love the look of colored pencils I'm going to color half my stuff with markers just for time's sake. Then I can take a short break and get back to stuff that's been neglected because art is all I have been working on. This not only includes my chores and work but fun stuff like gaming. I haven't played Red Dead in forever. It would take up too much of my time. And I still have to finish the art for Novemember because I want to do a 2018 video flip through. Then I have to start on Feb so I can be ahead. I think most people make their journals in the last week. They make the next month. I can't do that. As an art journal too I need two weeks to finish so I need to be several months ahead. But I've always been the unique one that doesn't do anything like anyone else. And I'm nothing like other Bullet Journalers I have found as they are all girly girls. I wish more guys did Bullet Journaling and drew cool stuff like I do with darker themes and action themes. But like most of my art I don't watch other artists, others watch me. I'm always the trail blazer. So it will be nice once this is done. It's a nice theme with Solan and George, but my Year At At A Glance is cool as I have officially drawn RipTalon finally and can imagine what he looks like. Chris and I came up with some great ideas for him in Triangulum. I'll have to log those here soon.
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I finally finished the December page spread. Here it is. Hopefully I can get January done soon. The first week is almost over so I need to get moving on that.

We had a funny incident last night. It's getting cold again so the frogs get into the house when that happens. I have a wind chime by the kitchen window. There's no wind in the house so it shouldn't make noise. The first time this happened I heard it go off during the day. I yelled, "BULLET!!" Thinking Bullet had flown onto it. I went into the room and she was innocently standing on her play gym. It wasn't her. It was a lizard. So I caught the lizard and put it outside. I apologized to Bullet. Last night it happened again. This time it was a green tree frog. We were happy because those are our native frogs and they are so much prettier than the introduced Cuban Tree Frogs. So Chris caught it and put it outside. The reptiles get in the house when things get cold.
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The year is off to an exciting start so far. Yesterday we went to AAA and book our Alaska Cruise. We'll be going on Norwegian. First time on that cruise line. I know it won't be as good as Royal Caribbean but I look forward to it anyway. It's over a year away in 2020 so I have time to get ready for it. I've done a lot of research and will keep doing more. I love looking stuff up, watching videos and learning new things. I hope I get the wardrobe right when we got. I know it's Cold in Alaska, and possibly even snow. Definitely rain. I'm just way more cold sensitive than most so I have to make sure I'm comfortable. What someone thinks is a warm jacket may be too cold for me. I've also never done a flight like this but nothing can be done yet because no airlines can be booked that far in the future yet. Intersting cruises book years in advance but not flights. So I'll have to wait a few months to figure that one out. My travel agent will help me with that too. She is nice and was very happy to see us come in. I gave her one of my cards.

Speaking of cards, I got some new international stamps and I should finally be done with the last few international stamps. I hope they all make it.
Today I plan to work on my Bullet Journal. I have chosen a theme for January. Moby Dick. I love that story and apparently whales are easy for me to draw. I hope I can draw Captain Ahab though. He looks like Abraham Lincoln. Just do a search for Gregory Peck Captain Ahab so see the most famous look for him. And I need to come up with an interesting pose for George for my cover of the year. I'm still not sure what.

Last night I had a scare. I heard a crashing sound in one of the other rooms. Chris went to go look and some of his shelves with his kaiju had fallen over. The ones on his west wall. That sucks. He's going to have to put them back together. Makes no sense why they'd fall when they've been fine all these years. It's a lot of figures and DVD's to pick up and organize. So the year has been exciting.

Cards are done! Woo hoo! I love it when I meet a goal.
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So today is January 1st. The year is off to a very good start for me. Chris only got one job today and they let him off early. I was so happy he came home in the afternoon. We then went out to dinner. Yesterday we celebrated by listening to Spanish Christmas and New Years songs from my childhood. I translated a lot of them for him and had fun looking up Spanish words I heard every year but never knew what they meant. Lots of fireworks went off in our neighborhood at midnight.

I also started working on my Bullet Journal again yesterday. I did my best to finish December in one day. Not happening. Even with the simplified layout I made I could not finish it. I love the cover I made for it though with Fear and the motto being "The Hopes and FEARS of all the YEARS". Today I worked on the inking and finished the layout finally but still am not finished. I don't know if I'll have time to work on it tomorrow but I'm sure with one more day I can finish it. I missed my November video update because of this. It's not finished either but it's laid out. It just needs to be colored. I want to finish December then do a flip through of 2018. All three months of it.

And I already have a dilema. I need a new cover drawing for 2019. Remember the old one was Bullet on a 2018 banner. Chris suggested George. I'm not against that, but what would he be doing? What pose? AND I also need a cover idea for January itself. Any ideas for that? Please comment. I also have to pick a theme for January. Hum one of my theme ideas was Solan and George so that could work. Here are some other themes I have considered.
Nepenthes, SpongeBob, Jurassic Park, Jeeps, Moby dick and Stunt Scabs. Probably most of you won't know what the last one is. The Stunt Scabs were the villains from an obscure 90's cartoon called Stunt Dawgs that was very smart. Lots of play on word and intelligent humor. Most likely why the show did so poorly. Too fast and too intelligent for the audience. One of my all time fave shows. So yes please comment. I do need some help coming up with two cover ideas for the 2019 page and the January page.

And tomorrow I'm excited. We might be booking a cruise. Wish me luck on that. It's only 2019 by I'm alraedy thinking about 2020 which is when I want this to take place. It's so far in the future I can't even book a flight if we get this. An Alaska cruise. One of my dream destinations. I can then cross that off my bucket list. I really do have a bucket list. It's in one of my idea notebooks. I have always been a long term goal setter. So that's the plan for tomorrow and then the rest of the day off. The year is off to a great start. Hope it keeps going this way.
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You can get card with your statistics here!


Ha this is great. I will do better next year. Been a pro "blogger" for over a decade. Journalist as this is a journal. Blog is such a lame word.
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I am feeling sooo much better now. I can safely say I am over being sick. It's nice to have a normal energy level again. Christmas gifts are still slowly trickling in for me. So soon I think I can do the part 2 haul photo. Well I'm almost done with cards. Here are a bunch that went out yesterday.

That's about half of them. I need to send out about that many more still. But everyone here on LJ will get theirs. I updated my address book after doing this because it's both funny and annoying to see so many former friends on there from over the years that have either turned traitor, I've had to dump or just disappeared without a trace. So new book for the new year and up to date. New friends too so it always balances out. Out with the old in with the new is the famous phrase.

I made a cute little print out of the Books of the Bible on a shelf. It's a check list for if you want to read the whole thing you can do so out of order. You can dowload and print it at home HERE. Save the image then open it in your picture viewer and it should have an option to print. Chris has gotten far and colored in the New Testament. Chris's page. This is how you view it. You can color the shelf too. He's already further than this. Here's Mine. I've only just started so only four books for me so far. I'm on Psalms now which is the biggest book so it will be a while before I color another one. I'll post these again when they are finished. I have read the Bible through twice back when I was in high school.

My Art Year In Review.

January we have the presentation of a new character The Doctor. I hope to draw him more soon.
February. No colored art but I made this sketch based on a lovely dream I had where both Chris and I were my character Fear. Well, this is the month I had my second surgery so not much art was made. Gosh I can't believe that was this year. Seems way longer than that. Had gall stones so I had my gall bladder removed and I was in bed for several weeks.
March Conspiracy of Fear . The remake of my masterpiece. I fixed this drawing up. The biggest changes were the green mouth plus added more colored highlights. I'm still working on this piece for something special.
April Alone in Fear . At last this is finished. A drawing I made last year as a gift for my aunt. Inspired by the lovely forest and rivers on her property.
May I AM FEAR Several remakes. The major change to this and most of them is adding in his green mouth.
June Fear In The Sky This piece turned out so nice I have many plans for it still. Fear greets the sunrise from the mountains.
July Fear Amused My thank you card I toss in as a bonus for people the I do commissions for, that I have done business with or that I just want to say thanks to.
August Terror In Waiting A mood piece that turned out nicer than expected. He has become my water mark on some pieces.
September No Hard Feelings Easily one of my all time fave pieces now for the vibrant colors and how frightening these two are.
October Fear and Death Halloween 2018 My fave drawing from my Bullet Journal. The main piece of the last week of Oct. Fear and his brother death.
November Got You Buddy This is also a fave of this year. I love this part of the Triangulum game story. George rescues Fear.
December This year's Christmas card. The winter version of Fear in the Sky for mailing out. I should get those today so I can start sending them out to everyone.
Bonus. The cover of my Bullet Journal. Appropriate that it features Bullet.

Ok so time for the New Year's Questionnaire. I love filling this out every year. I will post the blank version again. The old one is here and on DA but we might need a more recent one that's easier to find than going through the tags. Also I have added new questions as many holidays where left out.

1. What did you do this past year that you have never done before? Saw the Fall leaves. As Floridians that was a new and wonderful experience for us.

2. Did you keep your new years resolutions, and will you make more for next year? Yes and No. I kept some but not others. More on that at the end. Yes I will make new ones. I'm a goal setter. I'm constantly setting goals not just for new years. My J nature makes that easy.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? No thank goodness. I don't need to lose more friends. They'd be gone for 18 years.

4. Did anyone close to you die? Just some of my birds. Sadly Optic my sweet blue budgie girl passed away. I do miss her.

5. What new states or countries did you visit. If not new did you travel for fun? Nothing new but we went to Georgia and North Carolina again in the Fall. We had a blast going to my aunt's house. Seeing the leaves, and seeing ACTipton80. That was the only big trip this year really.

6. What would you like to have in the new year that you lacked in this past year? I don't know. More money. Can never have enough of that. But I haven't lacked much. I've been quite good. Lots to be thankful for.

7. What dates from this year remain etched in your mind and why? The Trip at the end of October. It's the highlight of the year for me.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Cleaning out the garage and getting the jeep inside. Major goal met. Woo. I'm still very proud of myself over that one. Oh and attaining one of my mother's assets.

9. What was your biggest failure? Probably not being able to get rid of my mother's stuff still.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? Yes. In February I had to go to the ER again for pain. I had gall stones and had my gall bladder removed. Two surgeries at the start of each new year. I don't want this to be a trend. I also got a cold in December. It had been over a year since I had a cold. It knocked me down for two weeks.

11. What was the best thing you bought? Hum, what I bought and what others bought me is a big blur this year. I'm not really sure. Perhaps my Fear mask. It was expensive but so worth the cost. I'm still working on it and it has turned out great. Still a work in progress.

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? Well all my awesome friends in the Raptor Pack. You guys are great. Actiption, Joker, Samantha, Kabuldur, basically if you got a card from me this year you rock. My real life friends and family too.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled? No one. At least no one in my inner circle. Helps when you get rid of the bad eggs. This year has been great socially.

14. Where did most of your money go? Amazon. Not just for me but for gifts I got others too.

15. What did you get really excited about? My trip. Every year when there is a trip it's what I look forward to more than anything.

16. What do you wish you’d done more of? Traveling. Organizing the house. Drawing though I managed to fill out the whole year with art though just barely.

17. What do you wish you’d done less of? Wasting time. I did a lot this year but could have done even better.

18. How did you spend Valentine's? Hum, I don't remember. February we either celebrate the 4th which is our anniversary or Valentine's. Usually depends on what is closer to a day off for us. Unfortunately nothing big. I think we just got each other gifts. Oh wait we didn't do anything. That's the month I had surgery and was down. No wonder I don't remember much. Well we have to make up for that this February then....I hope.

19. How did you Spend Easter? And I think I still wasn't well for Easter either as I don't think we did anything big unfortunately.

20. How did you spend the 4th of July? Ha, by July I was fairly recovered and we had a great 4th of July. We went to Fred Howard Park and watched the fireworks.

21. How did you spend Halloween? Halloween was awesome. It was our trip up north. We got to see the Fall leaves. I visited ACTipton. I brought Bullet with me though she was sick. I dressed up as Scary Fear and made a very nice music video of him. My costume was cool. We bought pumpkins in Georgia at Burt's Pumpkin Patch. The highlight of the year with the 4th being a close second.

22. How did you spend Thanksgiving? We had a quiet Thanksgiving at home. I was much better and decorated the house all nice. At least the small space I have in the kitchen. I found my inflatable turkey and we watched the turkey pardon.

23. How did you spend Christmas? Christmas was great. We went to visit Chris's parents and family. We got lots of gifts. We had a very nice time. Then the next day we had a quiet Christmas. Opened our own gifts and those of friends. Then that evening we visited Mike at his party which was a last minute invitation.

24. What was your favorite TV program? Travelers. I think I discovered that last year but season 3 finally came out this year and we enjoyed it very much. It ended well and we hope it's over actually because we don't want them to screw it up. Leave well enough alone. Funny enough I've started watching the cartoon Spirit. Based on the Dreamworks movie. I love that movie. The TV show doesn't have good art but I think I like it. Can't say yet but will watch more eps.

25. Did you make any enemies this year? Nope but old enemies have been replaced and then some.

26. Did you read any new books. If so which did you like best? Well Joker gave me the Jurassic Park Employee Handbook. I don't think I'll finish it in two days...well I guess I could but I'm reading that.

27. What was your greatest musical discovery? The new Victorius Album Dinosaur Warefare. Also finally getting a hold of the SpongeBob soundtrack. The background music not the dumb incomplete CD's they officially have out. The instrumental stuff really helps make the show.

28. What did you want and get? Oh gosh lots of stuff. Let's see. 150 prisma colored pencils, Mosasaur figure, grow lights, backpacks, Bullet Journal, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Not just for Christmas but over the whole year.

29. What did you want and not get? The Ian Malcolm book. It got pulled from Amazon for copyright reasons. The jerks. A headset stand that got discontinued. A Bible I can't quite afford just yet. And a replacement for my truncata F plant.

30. Did you see any new movies this year? And if so which did you like best? I saw Venom in the theaters with Chris. That was good. But I don't really watch movies much anymore in theaters.

31. What did you do on your birthday? I got a custom Fear cake. Almost forgot about that. That was awesome!!

32. What is one thing that would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? Looking back this has been an awesome year. I guess traveling more and meeting my other friends. I think about that a lot. I got spoiled by the 2017 road trip to Canada to see CVersailles.

33. Did you meet anyone new you became good friends with? Not anyone new in real life but I met Peregrine in September I think it was. We only had a few hours but it was our second meeting and we had a great time. Her and I have become closer friends and we really enjoyed each others' company. It was such a fun day driving around and doing fun things at my house. I have lots of new online friends though. Me a buddy on youtube that I trade plants with.

34. What video game obsessions did you have this year if any? Red Dead Redemption 2. I had not expected that to happen. Chris pre-ordered it and was all excited. I really didn't care since an ex friend a few years ago had ruined the first game for me. But I watched Chris play when he finally got his. Unfortunately he didn't like the game but I was hooked and wanted to see more from the little he played. And then Peregrine got it and kept talking about it on texts. So I started my own game and have been playing ever since. We make the joke that it's as though Chris got it for me. Plus the fact the way I have Arthur dressed, and how he sounds and his personality is just like George. Yeah I'm loving this game and how much better it looks on the new consoles.

35. Was your online time good, bad , same compared to last year? Good and better.

36. What hobbies did you improve, start or work more on this year? Basically how was your creativity this

I got into Bullet Journaling. I got out of it during my vacation but hope to do better with it this new year. It's a lot of fun making your own planner, setting goals and putting in your own art. Now with my new pencils this should help a lot. And I blame this on Peregrine but I participated in inktober for the first time and actually finished it. I drew something each day, even on my trip, on index cards.

37. Which holiday did you enjoy most this year? Halloween and Chris's birthday. Close second was 4th of July.

38. If there's something not by covered by the questions you would like to add about this past year you may

do so here. Happy New Year
Hum, I think I have covered everything. I can always edit if I forget.

Last Year's Resolutions

* Get jeep in the garage. YES!! Finished before October I think.
* Get rid of mother's junk and our excess junk. No. Came so close. I got sick two weeks in December and this got really screwed up. I think we could have done it. We cleared out more room in the garage and then that happened.

Resolutions for 2019

* Finish getting rid of mother's stuff and possibly ours by April 1. I think that's a good time frame and don't need a whole year to finish. Could give myself more time but enough's enough already.
* Travel more. Try to do a road trip on my own again.
* Face my driving phobia. This one is kind of related to the top one if I take another road trip. I hope I can. It's harder now and all in my head.
* Meet more Raptors in person.
* Draw more. Make more comics. Finish Renegade and Dawn of Fear.
* Finish tagging LJ for pete's sake.
* Grow veggies either indoors or out. Grow tomatoes and chives.
* Manage my money better. Save more for the big goals like...
* New Tires and Wheels
* New door art or JP
* Fear Wings

Ok that's enough as those are major goals. The last three I don't have to do all of them but so long as I do one of those it would be good. All very expensive so I can probably only do one.
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I hope everyone had a very good Christmas this year. Mine was great. On the 24th, I got to open one gift. I chose the gift from my half sis, S. She sent me these cool stencils for my Bullet Journal. I also got some clear stickers I can print on. These are for a project where I want to try to make a custom PS4 controller. Chris got his early gift too. He got a Patagonia jacket and shirt like the one I have from me and his mom. We went to his parents house and had a nice time there. We opened gifts from them and got some very nice things. I got lots of gift cards for Amazon. I really needed those this year. Chris brought his guitar and his dad pulled out his harmonica and they played Christmas music together. That was cool and I felt left out and wished I had brought my bass. Whenever there's is live music I always feel like joining in and not just listening. Bands are the few times I become very extroverted and want to be part of a group. Then we got a call from our friend Mike to go to his party on the 25th. We said yes because he's been awesome to us over the years helping us when we go on vacation. So the least we could do is go to his party. Anyone else and we'd have said no.

The next morning we had our own Christmas.

Here are the gifts we saved for actual Christmas day. We opened them in Chris's room.

This is my nativity set I have had for a very long time now. I pulled out that cute little tree since we didn't set up a tree this year. So we had that to open presents under.

And here's our haul picture. Almost everything is here, but I forgot a few things. Not pictured is the new clothes Chris got and my gifts from S. I guess because we opened them early and put them away we forgot. So let's see. From the top is my new Xbox 1 X. Though technically a Thanksgiving gift I threw it in there as "The Big One". Far left is a new head set stand for Chris's head sets. A sprayer from [profile] jokerforever for my plants. That was very cool. I DO need that to spray meds and fertilizers on them. It's the perfect size and shape for me. Not too small and not too big. Chris got a Jurassic Park shirt from his aunt. A different aunt not the one in Georgia. She knows I'm the major JP fan. I was a bit bugged that someone doesn't know how huge a fan I am when I have a jeep half decked out in JP stuff. Unfortunately the shirt is an XL so I can't steal it. I can do a L but not an XL. XL is too big even for Chris though. I am considering wearing it with a belt as a dress and leggings. 80s style. Next is Ian Malcolm Chris got me. I had no idea there was a Malcolm figure out. Now if only they'd make a Hammond and a Nedry it would be great. A Mosasaur for me. I had given up on getting one of those but Chris surprised me with that. I had not expected it. That's great. I look forward to putting him together once our house is more organized. It's a huge 26 inch figure. Jurassic World employee handbook from Joker. That's so cool. Hot sauce and dishes for Chris from hi mom. Cards. The black one is for me from Chris. I love on the envelope he posted it as "Scary wife" since I am Scary Fear and he knows how much I love and relate to him. The blue one is from Drafthorse trainer, and the owl is from [personal profile] actipton80. She also sent me an Amazon card. The Lord of the Rings Game was for me but I don't like those movies at all so I ended up giving it to Chris. It's like we got backwards gifts this year. Chris got a nasal spray thing. I also got him that charger for PS4 controllers. It can charge 2 controllers at once. It's pretty neat. he got some kind of little mini guitar too. More gift cards and the round things are for ear buds so they don't get tangled up in stuff. The purple one is his and the blue one is mine. I still have stuff coming in from Amazon so I will have to do a part 2 photo to this.

And here is a video I want to share with everyone.

I am very tired from all this today. I want to drive out and pick up the cards but I may not. I'm in no condition to drive and I've had too much socialization the last two days. I feel bad about the cards being later and later but I am technically still sick with a stuffy nose, so I may just stay home as I have the house all to myself and it's quiet.

Happy birthday to [profile] samanthafalco
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I am still sick. I have had some bad few days yesterday and the day before. Itchy runny hose, watery eyes and coughing. Can't breath and had to use a lot of nasal spray. I actually drew Scary Fear sick in my condition. Poor guy. He looks how I feel. I don't know when I'll get around to inking and coloring it though. I did feel well enough yesterday to pull out my LED peacock and my light up fluffy chick. We don't have much in the way of decorations but my room is the nicest looking room since we cleaned it up so well. We were so close to finishing the house before new years but with me getting sick for over a week it has messed things up and I don't know if we can meet the deadline now. I'm still not well but today is the best I have felt. My nose and eyes aren't on fire. I was quoting the Grinch a lot. "I'm leaking." Anyway, does anyone remember what year we got the fluffy light up chick? I don't think it was later than 2016. I know Chris bought it for me because I really wanted it and knew it would be gone the year after. And with 2016 being the start of the mess with my mother's house and business there was no rest for two years and the chick was probably lost all that time. I can't find pics of him on Flickr or DA though I do remember posting one. So maybe I posted it here. Unfortunately for some stupid reason I tagged very few of m posts as Christmas. I must rectify that. If I have time I must finish those last two years of tags that are still not done and still do some more organizing of my older entries here. The cards should be ready today. Chris will have to pick them up because I'm still in no condition to drive.

Anyway here are pics of my cute decorations.

The chick and the peacock.

I think we've had this peacock since 2011. That's insane because I don't remember it being that long ago. It's sad the stuff that's been in storage and forgotten. I love this thing.

And the chick first time being out and put together. These things are too cute or too pretty to be put outside. They could also get stolen which I definitely don't want. And the rain and sun would destroy them. I love them too much for that. So they are inside decor.

Ok so mostly I've been playing Red dead so time to share some pics of Arthur as George.

George Smith in RDR2 )

And that's what I have been up to the past weeks. It's been a good game to play while sick.

Still sick

Dec. 17th, 2018 08:42 am
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I'm still sick. I am so ready for this cold to be over. Yesterday really sucked with the itchy burning runny nose phase, watery itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing. I know that's the tail end of it but it sucks. Had a slight sore throat this morning. I need to be well so I can drive again. Tomorrow I want to go and get my new glasses done. It's far and I need to be well for that. I also need to call the print place and see if they'll accept using my paper. It's far away too. That's been about it. Still gaming. I'm now in chapter 4 of Red Dead 2. I think there are six chapters. I'm really enjoying it. And when I thought I was done with Forza they've added a new download called Fortune Island. It looks lovely but you have to pay for it so I'm not in a hurry to get it. Chris and I finished watching the latest season of Travelers. It was short only 10 eps and one bad ep that the series could have done without. But we loved the last episode and if they don't make anymore then I'll be very happy because they ended it in a way that you don't need to make a new season. It was very satisfying. We were very pleased. I actually hope there isn't a season 4 because then they have a chance to screw it all up. Somethings when they are good need to be left alone.


Dec. 15th, 2018 09:37 am
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So I did get sick after all. I mentioned that sore throat I had gotten. Never fails. All my life if I get a sore throat I get sick. I got a cold and had some achy sleepless nights. I'm still sick now but doing way better. Chris took time off from work and took care of me. I was too weak to even game but I did try. I mostly watched Netflix. I watched the movie Mogli and boy did that suck. They changed so much. I'm a big fan of the book it just pissed me off. I hated it. It started with Bageera the panther dropping off Mowgli at the wolf pack. No, in the book Mowgli crawled his way there on his own. Tabaki is a jackle but they turned him into a hyena. They added a stupid albino wolf for no reason. They made kaa the python a female when he's a male. They didn't name some of the characters like Chill the kite or Hathi the elephant. They made Boldeo a white guy when he was an Indian and never gave him a name. They also made him nice when he's a big jerk. The final fight with Sheer Kahn was with elephants and not bulls and the elephants did not destroy the village. And many more. I'm a bit of an expert on the book. I love the book and not movie or cartoon has ever come close to doing it justice other than the Chuck Jones cartoon. Yes it was a long violent book and it was geared towards kids because people back then weren't namby pamby wimps and knew kids could take it and liked these kinds of stories. And as a bird lover they put in a scene where macaws flew by. There are no macaws in India. The budget went all into the animation but no research. I'd rather have a movie that looks crappy but is well written. Is it too much to ask for both?

Travelers season 3 is out. I have been waiting for that. But only 10 episodes. That worries me a bit. Chris and I got about half way through it last night. Only one bad ep and a few confusing ones just because there are so many new characters. I hope they don't screw it up. The first two seasons were great.

I finally got all the horses I want in Red Dead 2. The cheats worked beautifully. I have decent money in the game and my fave horses but I don't think I'll go online yet and I certainly won't allow updates. So long as nothing breaks the game I think I'll finish story mode off line in case I need more gold or specific horses again. My gosh I spent a whole day just trying to get the horse for hours reloading the game. Had to give up. The next morning I got it in a few tries. Chris said it's like the chest minine in Dragon's Dogma but for horses. Yes that's exactly what it is. I love that, though it's frustrating the low percents of the rare stuff like 2%. Funny enough I kept getting the rare Arabians, all three colors, that people lose their lunch over because it's the fastest horse. They are pretty but they are too small and the worst thing is they are cowards. They will buck you if an enemy gets close or if you're in a gun fight. That's a worthless horse then. If you can ride it I don't care how fast it is. I go the Missuri Fox Trotter which is like second fastest but that's not why I wanted it. It's part war horse so it's very brave and has high health so I can count on it in a gun fight or hunting dangerous prey. I need the glitch available in case it dies and I lose it. Then I can try for another one. One thing I hate about the game is I wish you could have more than four horses. It should be four horses per stable per town. That would make sense. Anyway the Missuri Fox Trotter is one you only get at the end of the game. Why do I have to wait til the game is over to get the best horse? Screw that, I love this glitch. I'm glad I took all the patches off and reloaded the game. Totally worth the time. Plus I love the color of my horse it's grey with white patches and white eyes. I named it Patchy the Pirate.

Well I still need to recover so I'll stop here for now. This whole getting sick thing has messed everything up on my schedule. I think cards will be late now. I got the paper in yesterday but I'm in no condition to drive. So I will call Monday and probably take them that day and see what kind of deal I can work out with them. And it will take a few days to print and then I can't write up more than maybe five a day without going nuts so it will take me too long to mail them out and yes they will be late. I need to come up with next year's art NOW and draw it long before Dec rolls around.

Cold days

Dec. 13th, 2018 07:55 am
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The weather has been really up and down which is typical this time of year. We've had some very cold nights where I've had to cover the dragon fruits and bring in the birds then things get decent again. We're in a cold spell right now. It's annoying and wish it would make up its mind. Stay cold or stay hot. Though I wish we didn't have any cold at all. I wish we were year round tropical.

I ordered a custom coffee mug of Etsy since I have not been pleased with the old DA ones from the start. From the bad quality of the mugs themselves to the way the art printed. This one is white but blue on the inside. So I used the What Powers Will You Give Me Tonight pic on blue background with his text and two other pics of Fear. So far I'm not happy that I sent an email with a link to the image to use and I just now get an email saying they have not gotten my art. WTF? I contacted them. So I sent the same email again today. If they do a good job I'll remake the black one with Conspiracy. For once can I get a commission without any issues? It's not too much to ask for. So I can't wait and hope that will turn out well.

I've gotten most of the Christmas shopping out of the way now. I went to my optometrist to get new glasses and contacts. But gosh, glasses are so expensive. He's great. I always get a nice discount and I kind of knew it would be expensive but was still very shocked when I got the bill. It would be even worse if I go anywhere else which I won't because I've been going to him for 34 years. This is what I mean by loyalty. I'll stick with a company, a person or anything so long as they don't change and are loyal back to me. Chris can attest to that as can all my longest running friends. I have to get new glasses for Chris too but that will have to wait a bit longer as I can't afford another bill like the one I got for quite a while. I'm still waiting on the card paper to arrive. It should be today and hopefully I can take them to the print shop and get the Christmas cards taken care of as well. So cards will go out separately from gifts and will probably be late.

Chris and I are still watching SpongeBob. We've been having so much fun with that and it really brings back memories of the days of the SquareBoard. We're almost done with season 2 and that was the peak of the show. It had the majority of the best episodes of any season. Just reading the list from season 3 I can sadly see it starting to go down but still had many great episodes. By season 4 the show was ruined with only one good episode and that's when I ditched them. I downloaded a bunch of background music from the show off youtube. I've been wanting the background music for years and glad some people were finally able to extract it. I had a short CD I had made in the 00's trying to record the music where there was the least talking and sound effects. But now I have most of the pieces and am looking forward to making my own SpongeBob Soundtrack. I was disappointed when the first official CD's came out they didn't have these, just the ones that had singing. Soundtrack means background music and I think that's a rare thing to find now a days for any show or movie.

I hope things settle down a bit for me soon. I need to get back to writing about Triangulum Resistance and making new art. Though I have finished a December drawing I'd like to get one more new one this month.

I breathed in too much cold air last night. I have a sore throat. I hope I don't get sick but it hasn't gone away. It hurts to talk.
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I uninstalled, backed up and reinstalled my game last night. The gold glitch kind of works. I got two gold bars out of the box but not 32 like last time. The horse glitch I couldn't get to work. Only Tennessee Walkers and Morgans kept appearing still. I just wonder if the glitch started after the one day patch which I can't get now. If I allow updates I think it will put in the latest one not put them in order again. I wanted a horse called Missouri Fox Trotter. It has the best stats and is grey with dots and white mane and tail. It looks very cool but you don't get it til the end of the game when there's nothing to do. Kind of pointless. I hate games that give you the best stuff at the end.

Well, I have finished this year's card. Here it is. I'm quite happy with this.

If you remember I drew this before and called it Fear in the Clouds. It was a sunrise drawing. Well the intent with that drawing was always to keep changing the background and lighting to all the seasons and weathers. So I figured today I should make the winter one and make it this year's card.
Here's the original. I gave him more of a smile this time too since in the original he's just blank. I want my boy happy in these no matter what's going on around him. I'm so happy I have solved the problem this year. It always amazes my how I manage to pull this off at the last minute. This is my 12th card for the 11th year. Amazing I have been doing this for 11 years. Now the next step is to get these printed out. So it's not over year. Now I have to make them real.
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Been a while since I posted something. Let's get the bad news out of the way first. Optic my sweet blue budgie girl died yesterday Dec 7th. She was old and had been sick. She had a bad leg and wasn't eating much. I brought her inside and had her in a special cage with a carpeted floor so she could move around. I had a very shallow bowl she could easily reach. I had just started to put her on the hand feeding formula that I had had Bullet on but she didn't make it. She had lost too much weight. So that really sucks. But Bullet is doing quite well. She's gained weight and acts like a normal budgie now. She's back to her old self and is quite active. I hope it will stay this way for years to come. I just have to do some extra maintenance with her.

I've mostly been gaming in my free time. I think I'm done with Forza and may only pick it up once in a while. So now I'm just focused on Red Dead 2. There used to be two great glitches in this game. One was a gold bar duplication glitch and the other was a horse loading glitch where you could get rare horses. They patched those and now they don't work. I hate patches that "Fix" stuff like this. If they didn't catch these errors in beta testing and the game went out to the public they should deal with it. People should not complain and mind their own business about fun exploits like this in an offline solo game. You can't remove individual patches on PS4 like you could on PS3, but I'm thinking of uninstalling my game and reinstalling it. That would get rid of all patches but what came with the disk. And this is another reason why having a physical copy of a game is still best since you can't do this with a digital download. The only thing that sucks it's a huge game and takes 2 hours to install. I need to back up my saves before I try this too in case something goes wrong. Then I need to either stay offline and make sure to not allow auto downloads. I hate that too because nothing should be downloading without my permission anyway. I'm not happy about the talking going around about the next generation consoles coming out that might be download only. That would destroy places like Game Stop. I personally love buying and selling used games, but that's what the game companies hate and they've been trying to destroy stores like Game Stop for years. I think if they do this with the consoles then it might be the end of stores which would totally suck. Well I may quit gaming if that happens or just only play rarely if a game comes out that I think is special enough to warrant my attention.

I'm still stuck on ideas for a Christmas card. This majorly sucks and the first week of December is gone. This is bad. I'm having a vague idea of Scary Fear in his cloak walking through the snow. That's the only image I'm getting and I don't even know what captions to put. It's more of a mood piece with him being the light source if he's holding a lantern at night.

My plants are doing well. Oh Wednesday was an amazing plant day. Chris helped me dig up the corms of the Amorphs in the front yard. My gosh. When I put them in the ground in 2015, the biggest one was abut 3 inches in diameter. These things were huge. About the size of a small jackolantern pumpkin. I don't know why they have not flowered for me. They are most definitely flowering age. I will make a video shortly on them. I was just waiting for them to dry out after having washed them. One has a lot of babies attached. Those will be good for trades later on. I am amazed. That made my day. I've got plant monsters on my self right now. Literally.
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If anyone wants to get me anything for Christmas here are some ideas. This year I mostly want stuff off my Amazon lists. No one is obligated to get me anything of course. But I'm grateful to any that do.

Plant Supplies
Travel Stuff
Art Supplies
Etsy List

Gift Art of Scary Fear,
George Smith/Gallemotch
Fear messing with Gord.
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Winter is now here as it is the start of December. I don't know why but I'm ready for it. I've kind of been done with November and wanted to get December started. I love Christmas. So I posted two chapters on Triangulum today. I just wanted to finish those up now that they are revised. From here out the rest is new and I'm working on another outline for the characters. I'm excited how Triangulum ties into another Thagirion Realm story and want to write those ideas down. But well all my stuff is tied together as it's Thagirion Realm and one massive time line.

Got some nice new orders in. I was recommended grow lights by a brand on Amazon called JCBritW. They are LED's that are full spectrum for plants. I have one and was impressed with how tiny it was. It turns everything pink and I have some of my nepenthes under it. Two of my plant grower buddies on youtube use these so I wanted to get some. I might be able to put them in some small spaces like over the kitchen sink. I got Chris a new controller and also a small purple travel sized Bible. He was very happy with those. I had one but he needed his own.

I'm still stuck for a card idea. I don't like this as it's now December and I'm very behind on stuff. Chris gave me the idea of Fear with a scary snowman. I'm considering that but not totally sure. I have a few things I need to do practice sketches for.

Bullet is doing well. She has ugly tumors round her legs now. She had such cute budgie drum sticks before. But the good thing is she seems better. She's gained weight, not just from the tumors but she seems a little more plump in the breast so I hope she is getting better. A long time ago I had a budgie male with a huge tumor between his leg that lived a long normal life. I don't know if he was related to Bullet but I think so which sucks. I'm not having such good luck with Optic. She's old but she had a leg broken. I've added budgie "carpeting" to the floor of the cage and she and her mate Budgie man live alone in there now. But she's so thin and always fluffy. I may have to resort to hand feeding her. Bullet hasn't had to have formula since before the trip in Oct which is wonderful news.
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I always loved in the SpongeBob episode Wormy when Patrick says, "Why must the sun set on such a perfect day?" Chris and I have been saying that a lot on our days off. We have had such good days these past months that we don't want the day to end. I think that's the sign of a great relationship and yesterday was again one of those days. It's been cold and we have nearly all the plants and all the birds inside. After our normal errands we went out to sell some of my old toys and Chris's DVD's. This is part of emptying our house out. We're still getting rid of my mom's things but now we've started to get rid of our own stuff too. It was sad to part with so many of the Pixar Cars figures I worked so hard to collect over the years but they've just been sitting in a box for over a decade forgotten. That means I don't need them. We took them to a comic/toy shop and the owner took most of my stuff. I was thrilled about that because we got rid of like five big boxes. The funny thing was he kept asking how much we wanted and I really had no idea. He was looking stuff up on ebay and I finally got sick of all the back and forth and just told him to make me an offer. He said X amount. "Deal." I said rather quickly. His face fell and he goes, "Oh man I should have said X amount less." I just smiled. Yeah well he screwed up. We took the movies to the DVD place but didn't get much on those. There was a thrift store next door to it and we just dumped off the movies that they didn't take because no one would take them, they weren't selling in the garage sale and we need less stuff. So that's two more boxes that were gone. I'm sure over the year's we've made lots of people happy that find stuff at the thrift shops that we've given. So it was a profitable day for me.

We ate a Longhorn and had some of the new stuff there. We were amazed by the new stuffed mushrooms and I had the squash again. So good. We have't found any home made ones that are as good as Longhorn's. Chris also bought a new pair of purple ear buds. They work and we'll be able to use those to talk while playing Forza. Speaking of Froza, I got some funny pics to share.

I managed to pause when these chickens were flying away. I love that they look like they are floating. So cute.

The closest thing in the game to Bruce and Fear. There are no Toyota Tacomas. Or many Toyotas really because they were jerk and pulled most of their cars from the game. There is this thing called the Arctic. Is that even a real truck? Never heard of it. But Chris got one to represent Bruce. And I got my two door Jeep. I need to learn to use the art program. It's hard as it's shape manipulations. I might be able to make a simplified version of my Fear hood but it won't be as good as the real deal. I wish you could just upload images to this game and use them on cars.

[ profile] jokerforever, I found this comic and thought of you. I Love this.

Can you imagine of Ronald and Joker really were brothers? That's such a great idea. A good clown and a bad clown. I like Ronald. Always have but well I think I have to side with Joker if that were a story.

In gaming news I'm very glad the game Fallout 76 is doing so badly. Chris and I watched the announcement about it on E3 and when they said it would still be a single player game we never believed the guy. Sure enough as release date got closer it was confirmed it was online only. Sorry be we refused to be forced to socialize so they lost us right there just for that and I'm sure lots of other people. But the problems didn't stop there. The game has tons of glitches that weren't known from the last game and never fixed. They've totally ignored the story's time line. That was the reason we gave up on Star Trek. To us it's TNG - Voyager. The new stuff is garbage liked only by idiots.And on top of that they don't allow returns on their games. There's a video going around about a black customer that trashed a Game stop when he could not return the game. It's not game stop's fault and though what he did was totally wrong it's also funny because it shows how pissed all the fans are. If he used that energy to go after Bethesda for what they are doing that would be great. But seems they are under a class action lawsuit now for this very reason of not allowing returns. The fact they out right lied to the fans is technically fraud. You say you have a product that does one thing but sell one that does something totally different and is defective. Yes that's ripping off the customer. I'm glad I didn't buy it but then Chris and I just have that intuition. But it boggles my mind why this even happened when Bethesda has always been a great company that has heeded its fans. I guess they finally got greedy like Nickelodeon did with SpongeBob and have ruined the one good thing they had going. Killed the goose that lays the golden eggs. This makes me afraid that I can't trust them on future games like Elder Scrolls because they'll just mess it up again. This was a company I stood behind but now after this, I'm glad they're getting so much flack.

I have been re-writing my notes on Triangulum. One reason is because as you guys know ex partner gammara was never on board though she asked me to be. Those lose ends have long since been fixed but seeing the old notes an updated log is needed. Not only that Chris and I have added A LOT of awesome new material. I'm proud this story has never skipped a beat but then I've been working on it alone with only Chris's help from the start. So I will be posting a lot about this game concept and well you saw the art from yesterday. I'm loving this and would be great to see this as a real game one day. An example of one of the major changes is no more Gord. Including him before was a hard thing that never made any sense. The bad part is that his story was important. But it needs to be scrapped because this screws up the timeline majorly and why is an Earthling in the Triangulum? Hard enough getting George out there but his story made sense. Gord's was a stretch of the imagination. There really are no humans in this game. So Gord will have to be replaced, like the other characters were, by some new alien I have to make up with the same vendetta against Fear. Gord's story on Earth takes place AFTER Triangulum Resistance as does Schuyler's who I am toying with adding to the Gord story line. But I'm getting off topic. So yes changes like that that will keep the story believable and intelligent. Poor Gord has had a hard time from the start figuring out where he belongs on my story, but he'll always be a villain that thinks he's a good guy. His story is almost hammered out now.
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At last I have finished this drawing. I drew this last year but only now am I finally finishing it in color. So this is the scene from the Triangulum Resistance story. If you have not read it please do so and comment HERE

So this is the scene after Fear is beaten by the aliens. George kills them all and carries his fallen comrade out of the area. It was a heist gone wrong and the only reason they went in there was because they needed the special fuel for their star ship the Rising Star. What a long way it's come from the pic I posted where Fear wasn't even colored. I am thrilled with this because at last the scene from my story is made real. That third floor catwalk was where the fuel was. Where Fear was ambushed and he was thrown back down to the second floor. Luckily he didn't land in the vats. I love how the acid turned out. It was fun working with all those greens and giving everything including the guys a green glow. The pics I upload aren't even full size. Fear is so messed up but you can't see some of the details in this smaller version like you can on the PSD. George is evil but he has honor and loyalty. He cares about those he works with and those that are on his side.

Well now for some crappy news. This year seems to have been bad for celebrities. I'm sure most of you know about Stan Lee the creator of Spiderman passing away a few days ago. I only just found out that Stephen Hillenburg the creator of SpongeBob passed away today. Oddly enough I was talking to someone through email about SpongeBob and he sent me a link to a blogger. When I went there I found the news and was shocked. I've been on a SpongeBob kick lately reliving the 00's. Chris and I are about half way through season 1 and we only care for the first three seasons which were the Hillenburg era. When he left the show the episodes became terrible. The show is now dead to me as without him they can't ever bring it back to be as good as it was. They really should just end it. Lots of people have been calling for a final episode. Ok here's how to make a great final episode. Just give the show the ultimate Happy Ending. Mr. Krabs retires after having made loads of money from the Krusty Krab. He marries Ms. Puff and they live happyily together. He let's Plankton have the formula and Plankton finally starts a good restaurant of his own. SpongeBob finally passes his driving test and becomes CEO of a chain of restaurants. Patrick gets hit in the head and becomes smart so he goes back to community college to finish that. Sandy moves back to Texas. And Squidward finally becomes a good and famous Clarinet player. There are no hard feelings, they have a final farewell party and they all go their separate ways happily. The End!
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